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Art history – One of the most celebrated artists of modern India: Jamini Roy - Discussions on his mode of paintings – Roy’s famous paintings

Art History - the intellectual study of objects of art in their historical development and stylistic design / format - several methods of studying the visual arts; Art history is not only a biographical endeavor. Art history as we identify it in the 21st century began in the 19th century but has model to the ancient world. There are several types of arts – medieval art, modern art, contemporary art, sculptural art.

Illustrious Modern artist of IndiaJamini Roy,  who had succeeded in establishing a style of his own which was both “Indian” & “advance guard” - local art styles of Kalighat Pats  are his source of inspiration, he changed that style into a articulate intellectual genre, which was Indian, modern. He had stated on record.
  "My sole desire is to make my paintings look different."
Born: 1887                                                                                     Died: 1972

Roy’s painting inspiration & style: Developed a delicate painting style inspired chiefly by traditional Indian folk and village arts, particularly the people of Bengal. The main reason for selecting Bengal people – he was born in Bengal.

There were other artists too like Raja Ravi Verma, and Gaganendranath Tagore who had established individual identities of their own. But their styles were extremely influenced by western realist schools. Roy made paintings where these Christ and Mother Mary in rural houses figures looked like local cowherds; Mother Mary in a painting looked like a Bengali mother with ghunghat. These ideas were greatly high-lighted during that period.

Roy’s works were exhibited in London & New York, but profitable success came much later only. For his paintings, Roy preferred ideas from joys and sorrows of daily life of rural Bengal, religious theme like-Ramayana; Sri Chaitanya, Radha-Krishna and Jesus Christ, but he portrait them without sequence of events.
“Jamini Roy was honored with the Padma Bhushan in 1955”

Some of his famous paintings are:
Santhal Boy with Drum; Cats Sharing a Prawn; St. Ann and the Blessed Virgin;
Makara; Cats Plus; Seated Woman in Sari; Krishna and Radha Dancing; Kitten;
Virgin and Child; Crucifixion with Attendant Angels; Ravana, Sita And Jatayu;
Warrior King; Krishna with Gopis in Boat; Krishna and Balarama;

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