Saturday, 26 May 2012

Posture Collar, Neck Corset, Cervical Collar

Posture Collar: A posture collar is an inflexible collar which is broad sufficient to lock up the movement of the neck portion. Postures collars assist in preserving poses by maintain the chin high and the neck extended.
Posture collars characteristically flare broadly at the face to attain from the chin losing behind to the collarbone, preventing the wearer from putting their head down or looking descending.

Such type collars are usually made from leather products but also it may be prepared from metal or rubber or plastic materials such as PVC. Posture collars are frequently ornamented with rings and may consists of other bondage elements such as fastening shutting, decorative thorn or D-rings for attaching fetters.

A Special type of posture collar is a neck corset.

Neck Corset: A neck corset is sometimes called as neck lacer or throat corset. Neck corset is an extraordinary type of corset which is worn built-in around the neck as an alternative of around the waist as of with normal corset.
 Neck corset is a type of posture collar that integrate settles.

Cervical Collar: A cervical collar also called as neck brace. Cervical collar is an orthopedic medicinal tool which is used to uphold a patient's neck portion and head. Cervical collar is also used by emergency employees for sufferers of distressing head / neck injuries and can be used to care for constant medical conditions.

Whenever suffering person who is having head and neck injury may have a cervical crack. So it creates a very high peril for spinal cord injury which could make worse for the movement of the person and may lead to death.

To prevent the person from further injury who has already been admitted because of an accident, some type of collar can be provided by medical professions to that particular patient until X-rays to be taken to identify whether the spinal cord get damaged, ie., fracture, crack…..

Cervical collar made particularly to become stable the top seven vertebrate i.e., C1 through C7. Cervical collars are mainly used therapeutically to realign the spinal cord and lessen the pain….. But generally could not worn for long time.

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