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Harlequin print – Girl’s well-admired print

Harlequin print is a women's trendy design which was established by the famous designer Adele Simpson in 1944. Adele Simpson offered the harlequin print and she created in a valiant diamond design on the town suits.

Those were also characterized in green and white color with a green jacket and a black skirt.

1949 - 1950s

In 1949, Louella Ballerino created a harlequin print motif in the Jester blouse sun and fun fashions which was more popularly well-accepted. The Print design emerged along with pointed collars, listed with buttons evocative of bells and jagged points which sometimes decorated an apron overskirt.

In August 1950 Fashion dresses of Cincinnati of Hamilton and Ohio of US promoted a white pique outfit with an overstated side drape in a red, white and black color harlequin print motif; It was sold openly to homes by housewife representatives.

Tammis Keefe is one of the great textile print designer whose patterns come out at Lord and Taylor in September 1952. It used a harlequin print diamond pattern on a large cloth and was crafted for a table cover show.

A sports costume in a harlequin print pattern was topped by bright orange expected the most appreciation at a Simplicity Patterns Fashion Show at Sulzberger Junior High School in March 1955. This was presented by Norma Riseman, the orange wraparound blouse was one of the well-admired colorful fashions fashioned for teenagers.

In June 1955 a silk dress at Peck & Peck had white, pink and blue touches of harlequin print. The colors and diamond motif were overstated when worn together with a white cashmere sweater highlighted by sequins.

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