Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Boy’s Apparel - Play with Colors

Gone are the times when drab and boring colors would be associated with men. The twenty first century has come way too far from that. Now even men love to play with colors. Vibrant red , Orange , yellow , greed , pink and even so called supposedly “girly” colors have been incorporated into men’s clothing. The boy’s apparel has a lot of fun colors to choose from and play with according to their moods, whims and fancies. If ladies can play with shades of colors, so can boys. Never the less blue, black and white also have their hold in the apparel.

Cool Style of Boy's Apparel


Cool Casuals

Casuals, layers, shirts and t-shirts form a major part of the boy’s apparel. The layers look super cool on the urban men and give them an edge over women when we are all about fashion and styling up. From formal meetings to a stylish date, the men are all geared up to flaunt their classy casual look. Most men, very ironically, these days, put in extra effort to look effortlessly cool and handsome. Cool jackets and t-shirts teamed with shirts and layer shirts, t-shirts calls for a cool cut.

Boy thing


Trendy Styles of Boy's Apparel


A boys’ apparel has loads of casual wear, a few formal wears and no party wear at all. They don’t have to prepare separately to party. Complete opposite to a woman’s wardrobe, isn’t it. Yes they might have only one or two things in common like cool shades, stylishwatches and some good perfumes. Colors and layers are the major things that comprise their clothing. Gone are the times when men would behave like complete aliens in terms of dressing and style. Now the present generation metro sexual ultra cool men have come at par with the women if they have not gone way ahead of them. Look cool and stylish is the key that modern men are following. Going by this key they have become really stylish and extremely fashionable. The men are all set and geared up to impress the world and bring in fashion revolution. Now rely on these men to blow off your mind.

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