Thursday, 3 July 2014

Style time - English fashion

The fashion freaks are all crazy for English fashion. A fashion fragment has been a rage for quite some time now. The English people known for their sophistication have elegance over flowing from their garments. The English streets are also known for their high end fashion and funky stuffs. Thereby the English caters to both elegance loving crowd and funky junk art loving crowd. The impact of these on the fashion world is clearly visible by the fact that with each passing day, the demands are increasing. Go fashionable the English way. Go super cool. Switch between elegance and cool anytime.

Fashion fiesta


A New Fashion

The style is subtle, whatsoever it is amazing. Dresses having tweed collars, Oxford style shoes, skirts with classy pleats, cat prints you name it and they have it all for you with a dash of elegance wrapped in an extremely classy sense of style. White and beige and other light shades like light yellow, light blue, soft green, light and soft pastel shades form the color code. Scarves in various shapes and prints do the trick to give you an edge over the others. Cool trendy heels and knitted stuffs are high on the fashion block. English fashion caters to and has solutions to trends for men and women, from the tip of the head to the tip of the toe but never over do it. They manage to maintain the simplicity and charm. Lots of denim, hombre type jackets, printed T-shirts, and more are trending these days. English fashion is all about mixing and matching. It’s like mixing patterns and colors, mixing old vintage style with ultra modern fashion. They can go up to any extent to provide the innovative and the best stuffs for the people. Long flowing dresses to super cool short summer dresses and jackets, it gives you a variety of options to choose from.

Public speak


A View to English Fashion Design

The people who are madly in love with fashion and people who aren’t have adopted this fashion and accepted it alike.   The English fashion is seeking to reach new heights in fashion world and capture billions and billions of hearts.


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