Monday, 4 August 2014

Fashion of Business Casuals: Enhances Style with Professional Look

Whenever it comes to business only formal things click the mind isn’t it? You never think of much about what to wear for going to grocery or any party. A funky dress, any color work there. But when it comes to office things have to be perfect and in place. Several offices set dress code for their employees which seem very monotonous after a certain point of time. But now it’s time to break the monotony. The fashion of business casuals has made your office days stylish. Now even in your hectic schedule both boys and girls  can look stylish and if you have any plan to go for party after office you no more need to g back home for changing. With the business casuals you can have a special appearance in the crowd.

Beauty of Business Casuals

What is business casual?

Actually it is quite tough to define what exactly business casual is. Business casuals basically refer to those dresses which are neither completely formal nor entirely casual. It is not a jeans neither a t-shirt but it is also not a suite as well. Since the mix of business and casual sound a bit confusing, there is an agreement which states the meaning of business casuals for both men and women.  For men business casuals include shirts having collar, trousers and khakis whereas for women knee-length skirt paired with a proper shirt and trousers are counted as business casuals. Any sort of athletic wear or funky wear like long skirts or jeans do not fall in this segment. 

Attend your Party with Business Casuals

Style with business casuals:

Initially when it came it took a little time for people to get accustomed with it. It is mostly for women. But as time passed it became a style statement in itself and fashion of business casual climbed the ladder faster than ever.  Are you going to join a new office and want to get impress your college with appearance at the very first look. Business casuals are the best option any time, as a fresher or new joinee put on a shirt with a knee-length pencil skirt. Pair it with covered show or wedges. Put on some light accessory like a thin chain, a simple pair of earrings and a wrist watch. Light color adds some extra essence to these types of dresses. Other than that you can also experiment with shirt and trouser that gives a very smart and professional look with a blazer tagged to it. Boys can set up their style statement with light colored shirts and dark shaded trousers. Semi-collared shirts make the look more handsome and attractive. 

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