Monday, 4 August 2014

Indian Fashion: Reflects Elegance with Style

The country where you find “Unity in Diversity” is “The India”. The variety of culture and tradition is so vast that it is undefinable. Thousands of communities, all types of religions and people from or linguistic background live in this country like one family yet independently. Every religion and community have their tradition, likings, culture which have created the world of Indian Fashion. The core fashion of India is highly varying in every part however, at present there is a transformation with the mixture of all.  The modern day fashion of this country is has brought in the concept called contemporary tagged with heritage that has made it stand out globally. 

Beauty of Indian Fashion

The variety

There will hardly be a community which has not been appreciated in Indian Fashion. If you follow the fashion trend there are themes based on these diversified culture and communal and at present the ongoing trend is to mix it up with western ones. The top fashion designers of the country bring about themes which are simply mesmerizing and esteemed worldwide. Initially the fashion were isolated among the concerned community however as the time passed the mix up of fashion started taking place. Every era has bring about a new definition of fashion all totally different from each other. Retro is one of the most prized one of those. At present it is trying to make a fusion of ethnic with western some of which is successful and valued as well. Indian designers keep on experimenting and exploring new fashion to the world. 

A Uniqueness of Indian Dresses


The transformation

It is a country that keeps on adopting new culture, art, philosophy and all these are applied in its culture, fashion that in turn gives birth to a new culture. This is what actually drive the transformation in the fashion as well. It is not that the fashion world of this country only carries along communities belong to it but it well mixes the overseas’ trend as well. Western outfit with ethnic jeweler is the latest fashion. Also color plays a great role in this. Use of neon colors in the traditional wears or western design in ethnic wear like sari, salwar suit are very much in. Fashion of this country overall is highly dynamic. If you compare the fashion of5 years back of today’s starting from bridal to casual the transformation is design and style is extremely commendable. India’s power of adaptation and harmony is reflected in its fashion as well.

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