Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Flashy Trendy Chinese Fashion

Chinese Fashion has always been one of its kinds. It is unique and stands out in the international market. What surprises me the most is the drastic change that they have undergone in the recent years to buck up their falling fashion industry. With a huge population and a concern for other socio political issues, China could not give much of its attention on the fashion sector.

The Chinese creation:


Beauty of Chinese Fashion

From childhood I was always awed to see how gracefully a Chinese lady carried her attire. I had been an extensive viewer of Chinese films and came to know a lot about their dresses from there. I always had a special liking for Cheongsam. It’s a one-piece dress for women and it sculpts the body beautifully. The male version of this is called the Changshan. The English prefer to call it the Mandarin gown. The fashionable socialites generally wore these. Today they are modified and recreated. They are made to suit the time and fashion of today. Chinese fashion has been greatly improvised.

 The modern touch:


Colorful dresses of Chinese fashion


 The Chinese fashion is seen to change radically with time. With a bit of decline in communism in China, clothing trends were also got a bit relaxed. It all happened in the early 70’s. A drastic change was seen in the Chinese fashion statement at that point of time. People became obsessed with brand names and some even became brand freaks. This was mainly a contemporary phenomenon. I have witnessed a major specific Chinese fashion trend. The adults prefer formal wear over casual wear and the teenagers have a special fascination for branded western clothes. The children show an immense liking for attires with cartoon characters on them. We can never forget the Hanfu movement where, traditional clothing form was rejuvenated. At the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in 2001, the silk embroidered tangzhuang jackets were presented as the national traditional costume by the host. I have observed that the Chinese have a special affinity towards their land, culture and tradition and they try their level best to revive and modify them to be in pace with the world. Earlier women mainly dominated the fashion community, but now we see an increased participation of men. The foreign brands act as a huge competition to the home production and this is leading to fair price and better products. All in all, China has never failed its citizen in the fashion department and promises not to do it ever.

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