Friday, 8 August 2014

Trend of fancy buttons for women

Women have been associated with beauty since donkey’s ages. They have lived up to their reputation. Experimentation is the word when it comes to fashion for both men and women. Playing with colours is a regular affair and various drapes speak volumes about the new independent urban women. New styles are changing with the rotation of the earth. Every day a new style pops up and very consistently the women have kept up with them. The women have learnt to mix and match. They have learn to combine traditions with trends and create an alluring beauty and style that no one can deny.

Shapes and sizes

fancy buttons for women


The buttons come in various shapes and colors and has a unique style statement. Fashion is such a topic that generates interest when colors are incorporated. Not only does it increase the number of fashion fanatics but also creates new ones and leaves scope for many more. This fact has been proven over time and proven time over and over again. Researchers say colors attract insects. On the other hand, fashion says colors attract fashion freaks.

Designer say

different fancy buttons for women


The buttons are super cool and calls for cool. The urban women have come much ahead of hiding their ages, they proudly enjoy womanhood and the new generation products have seen to it their skin is taken care of. Women would never fail to effortlessly impress, though they believe in decking up for self content and not to impress. Casual wear are a hot favorite with the carefree generation today. The urban metro sexual man chooses to dress cool and casual. Layers are essential part of casuals. Layering shirts with t-shirts or double layered shirts make for an excellent cut. Double layered t-shirts also are a hot pick. These teamed with jackets looks super smart and makes these men worthy of the ladies drooling over them. Coming to t-shirts, funky printed, graphic printed t-shirts is one of the hottest trends these days. Denims and cool cotton pants, narrow pants are very much in fashion. Funky watches and funky shoes add to the coolness quotient. Long gone are the times when only formals would define smartness and elegance. We are living in a century where casuals too define elegance and smartness. A very important aspect of this casual wear is fancy buttons for women. Therefore combining women and casual wear, we are left with only one thing that is super cool style and fancy buttons for women.

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