Friday, 30 March 2012


Designer – Charles Frederick Worth 

Apparel” refers to “Clothing” – There are so many reasons for clothing. Wearing of clothes is exclusively a human characteristic of all societies. Clothing depends on some considerations. Apparel can be worn according to the purpose – a) Functional, b) Party, c) Casual, d) Richness, e) ceremonial / Traditional.

Apparel can be designed by designers who can able to invente new trends to the current market - aspiration to create - it must be people acceptance  - Fashion styles including fit, trendy colors, print / embroidery designs, accessories will catch the people’s attention.
Apparel designers from all over the world work in different ways according to their customer. Costumier - who designs and supplies costumes. Creativity is crucial in all designs.

Fashion designers - 1st they will study about their clients - 2nd they will develop new designs or they will make alteration to the existing design - 3rd step is to sketch the design outlet using hand or with the aid of computer and making color themes according to the market & customer - 4th, they will do create embellishments - 5th step is to illustrate the idea for their client. Then they will do draping on computer models using CAD software…..

Some high fashion designers are self-employed and devise for individual patrons. Some other high fashion designers are cater to specialty stores. These people will follow established fashion trends.
                           “World’s first fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth
Charles Frederick Worth - He was a British man - Later he moved  to  France and  started his  fashion career. He has designed  shawls and  bonnets for  potential customers  - also made a little simple dresses for his wife Marie Vernet and  patrons  started to raise for copies of the dresses. He was  the  first to stitch labels for his outfits. He was called as “THE FATHER OF HAUTE COUTRE”.

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