Thursday, 29 March 2012


Fashion is a generally a popular style, especially in apparel. Fashion refers to current trends in look and clothing of a person, as well as to existing styles in behavior.
Fashion is cyclical; fashion is everything which we are going for new option…..
“People acceptance are the Real Fashion”…..
Fashion is a look, there are really no such things that are Out of Fashion, and it none other than ones appearance. Adapting anything that may be - style, shape, structure, pattern, model; as the fashion of clothing. People prefers for the latest and most admired styles in clothing….. that is exactly “Fashion”. A comfortable and elegant mode of existence.

“Fashion is like a shadow: fly from it and it follows you; follow it and it flies from you” —Anon

A perfect combination of style and comfort is fashion. “Fashion Look” is - the way in which the things are uttered or magnetize. Fashion Look – Clothing tends to be create a center of attention.
 Fashion Look is a form of address to the particular style. Styling features of ones clothing / behavior are the simply looks but that creates fashion. A popular trend that attracts growing support of fashion. You are the creator of fashion for you. A new look, latest in things, fashion ideas catches the person who is looking new in their fashion, it might be fad to us.
Fashion inspiration from real people around the world promotes Fashion clothing. According to the season, fashion will change. Trend that is going on are mostly prefered for apparel and that is the fashion. By fashionable looks,that catch ones attention are the Fashion..


                           “ Mode of Attraction “         “ Gesture to Focus”

The make of polite, fashionable, trendy, genteel life, as, men of fashion. Fashion is to invente modern world. Clothing is symbolic of social identity and the values espoused by the group.                      

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