Friday, 1 June 2012

Rene Gruau: Famous Fashion Illustrator

Rene Gruau is one of the best innovative realistic graphic artists of the previous 50 years. Rene Gruau arts are rising in value… Rene Gruau was born on 4th February 1909 and René Gruau died on March 31st 2004.

Rene was a well known fashion illustrator whose overstated representation of fashion mode through painting had an everlasting effect on the fashion diligence. For the reason that Gruau’s natural ability and creativity contributed to make modification in the whole fashion industry through the recent fresh pictures that correspond to the famous designs created by the designers in the market.

Economic stimulation and enhancement of advertising are still vividly presented in the fashion industry nowadays through a new route of fashion illustration, fashion photography.

Rene Gruau was an Haute Couture designer during the period of 1940’s and 1950’s, working with Femina, Marie-Claire, “High style” Magazines….. Rene Gruau’s artworks are familiar and much-admired internationally in Paris and Italy’s most impressive art museums including the Louvre in Paris and the blank in Italy.

In adding together his worldwide prominence and credit, "Gruau's artwork is famous for its eternal and enduring style".

Rene Gruau’s posters frequently repetitive together traditional Japanese drawings and sketches of Paris night life.., He was best identified for making the promotion imagery for Miss Dior perfume and for Rouge Baiser lipstick cosmetics.

In the whole thing what he did, he bring to mind the glamour and style of the world of high fashion.

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