Saturday, 28 June 2014

Cool Casual Days are in!

Casual wear are a hot favorite with the carefree generation today. The urban metro sexual man chooses to dress cool and casual. Layers are essential part of casuals. Layering shirts with t-shirts or double layered shirts make for an excellent cut. Double layered t-shirts also are a hot pick. These teamed with jackets looks super smart and makes these men worthy of the ladies drooling over them. Coming to t-shirts, funky printed, graphic printed t-shirts is one of the hottest trends these days. Denims and cool cotton pants, narrow pants are very much in fashion. Funky watches and funky shoes add to the coolness quotient. Long gone are the times when only formals would define smartness and elegance. We are living in a century where casuals too define elegance and smartness.

Casual Carefree Girls

Women in Casual Wear

Casual is the new “cool”. The modern carefree and independent women have chosen casual wear to suit their personality and style the best. The casual dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and party wear make some of the best dresses for an evening wear. The day has all the shirts and t-shirts to its name. Layers play an important role even when it comes to dressing up women. Cool feminine jackets are ultra stylish. Paired with shirts, t-shirts, they create an amazingly wonderful look. Shirts can be paired with t-shirts. Added to this double layered shirts and double layered t-shirts   and are in for women also. The casual tees are comfortable, affordable and cool. The printed tees and graphic tees are a rage among the fun loving women. The palazzo pants and printed pants are trending these days and have been grabbing the fashion lovers’ attention for quite some time now.Girls, go cool. Go casual. Do it the casual way.

Casual Kids

Baby Doll in Casual Wear


The kids these days have a unique choice in dressing. They have their own say when it comes to styling and fashion. The kids too prefer casual wear over anything else. T-shirts, shirts and other stuffs with cartoons printed on them are major reasons why kids these days prefer the cool casuals. Casual super cool kids don’t shy from flaunting their style.

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