Monday, 30 June 2014

Solid Colours for your Apparel

What does Solid color mean?

The field of printing technology describes the solid color as a colour that is in printed form and provides full gradation towards the cloth without any half toned or mixed colour content. The part which is completely covered or filled up with ink is known to be solid color. There is nothing used as any shaded colours of partial hues. You can also understand it as having simple plain colour excluding the variations of colour forms. 

Role of Solid Color in Cloth designing

Escalate your Impression

When you think about becoming a fashion statement then wearing the bright solid colors is the most suitable option for you. Choosing the solid hues adds up to your personality and this enables you to grasp a lot of attention of the people around you. The basic idea behind the fashion scenario is you to have the ecstatic appeal with alluring apparel and the best way to select your clothing is to have the solid hue. Whilst dressing you up and choosing clothes for shopping just let your personality escalate by opting the dark colours which are of solid nature as this would offer you with a new appealing personality. The pain boring colourless life is disliked by you as well as with others. So add up some excitement to your life with the type of apparel you wear. And choose the best suitable colours for yourself so that in the crowd of fashionable trendy people, you will also have a fine position. The type of colours you wear reflects the type of thinking and personality you possess. 

Quality of Solid Color

So just let your wild imagination be free and instead of going for mixed and variant hues just opt choosing the solid hues as this will reflect your free elegant personality that you do not need any one else’s help and you, yourself are an independent person. A person who chooses and works according you’re one self’s will. The best way of letting others know about you without speaking is through the colours you wear. So just be free, be unique, do not settle for less and let your personality escalate by choosing the real colours without added shades.

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