Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cool Urban Style for all

Men mania

The urban man is ultra cool and is at par with the women if not ahead, in terms of style and fashion. There was a time when a man wearing pink would indicate feminine tinge in him. Now the modern men don’t shy from exploring the myriad hues like pink, magenta and other vibrant tones. Long gone are the times when drab and boring color would be associated with men. The modern mad can carry off all kind of styles from smart casuals to corporate formals. In fact they very elegantly and with a macho tone carry off even floral print shirts .With so many salons and spas opening up for the metro sexual man and running successfully proves that the urban male simply puts in extra effort to take care of their style statement and looks. Men are also very good options, these days, for being the arm candy, availing urban style. What say ladies?

Beauty of Urban Dressing

Wow women

Women have been associated with beauty since donkey’s ages. They have lived up to their reputation, adopting urban style. Experimentation is the word when it comes to fashion for both men and women. Playing with colours is a regular affair and various drapes speak volumes about the new independent urban women. New styles are changing with the rotation of the earth. Every day a new style pops up and very consistently the women have kept up with them. The women have learnt to mix and match. They have learnt to combine traditions with trends and create an alluring beauty and style that no one can deny. The city women have come much ahead of hiding their ages, they proudly enjoy womanhood and the new generation products have seen to it their skin is taken care of. Women would never fail to effortlessly impress, though they believe in decking up for self content and not to impress.

Enjoy Urban Dressing

Cool kids

The kids are no less and most shopkeepers are amazed at their sense of fashion. We no more live in a generation where parents would choose stuffs for their kids. A super cool generation is here to watch out for.

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