Friday, 8 August 2014

Get The Perfect Dresses For Fall Season!

While the winter is around the corner, you must be wondering what to wear since the weather is already on the chillier side and your summer dresses feel too unsuitable and over exposing to be worn in the fall! Thinking about shutting those summer dresses in the closet or to throw them out?  Stop! You can wear them in the fall too! They just need to be accessorized properly and they would do perfectly well for the fall! If you want to buy new dresses then you can opt for woollen ones. They are comfortable and can also be worn in winter. But it would be a waste of money if you are not planning to go out too much in the fall as these woollen dresses cannot be worn in summer!

A view on dresses for fall season


How to wear summer dresses in the fall?

Summer dresses are usually made from lighter materials light georgette, chiffon, silk or cotton! If they leave your shoulders and hands open, buy a perfectly fitted long coat. Long coats look wonderful when paired with long dresses especially evening gowns. You can go for long v neck coats with two buttons at the lower end. This would give you a perfect elegant look. For short dresses you can go for short cashmere sweaters. Leave it openin the front or button it up according to the weather. Wear a beautiful scarf or a cashmere muffler with your dress to keep you warm and have your summer outfits transformed into the perfect dresses for fall season. Pair up your short and knee length dresses with high boots and stockings. Go for long boots or pumps if the dress is short, otherwise you can opt for medium length boots! 

Importance of dresses for fall season

Colours to choose and avoid:

While buying dresses for fall season or selecting one of your summer dresses, know that bright colours are the perfect companion of the fall. One can go for deep blue, red, purple and black dresses which can be paired with a dark shade of lipstick. The fall is not really a colourful season and thus it is up to you to add the much needed colours to it! You can go for nude shades only if they match your complexion extremely well. Stay away from beige and powder blue shades and embrace the darker shades! Add in a clutch and some pearls or diamonds and you are ready for the fall!

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