Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Contemporary Korean clothing trend

Korean Trends is at its peak these days and their fashion trend is making everyone miss a heartbeat. They are redefining beauty with ‘coolness’, as we prefer to call it. Take my words; they are going to make it big this year. The spring and Summer Collections of apparels of these Korean brands have taken everyone by surprise. They have managed to rock the international stage.

The History of this trend:

Rock your world with Korean dress

As we all know Korean apparels were prim in style as compared to the western fashion. In simple words, they were boring. But in the recent years, the West has hugely influenced Korean fashion. Korean fashion is one of its kind and we have seen it evolve through various stages of cultural and social changes. What we see today is a renewed and reinvented version of the Korean culture. Korean designers have been quite wise to incorporate their ancestral fashion trends in their apparel collection even today. The Korean clothing trend is very unique and their sense of style is acknowledged internationally. 

The Korean Wave:


Importance of Korean Dress

Sound weird? True that. But it’s a noteworthy phenomenon in the recent years. The Korean Waves also popularly called the ‘Hallyu’ has made its mark across the globe. I though prefer to call it ‘Hollywood’.  The cultural buzz that this is creating in the business and lifestyle world can’t be ignored by anyone. It is believed the Korean celebrities have a major role in popularizing the Korean clothing trend. The Korean population is gorgeous and they know how to walk in style. These celebrities, who are the Korean fashion ambassador, are introducing to the world their notable fashion collection and as a result are expanding their fellow designer’s profile in the international fashion world. Interesting, right?

Well, what I will talk about now is far more interesting. The Korean celebrities are clever enough to know how to use their fame potential. They travel worldwide for shows and concerts and frequently end up using the Airport. These people are aware of the paparazzi and make the most use of it. These pretty ladies showcase their fashion statements to the world in a quirky clever way. You never see them that they are wearing boring stuffs at airports. They are completely dolled up and ready for the show! Their stunning dressing sense, the accessories, and their personality are a complete combo. The celebrities bring the Korean clothing trend on the global stage for everyone to see. We agree, it’s an eye candy.

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