Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Trend of the Era - Hot western clothing

Clothes are an important part of an individual’s life, as it signifies ones personality. The way you dress becomes one identity. Never the less, this is the reason why dressing is so important. But dressing is not the same for all. Variation in clothing differs from male to female to all the different age groups. Female are particular about their dressing, being it from going to work or college or to an exciting date. Women have a very fair knowledge as in where to dress how. They have strong inclination towards hot western clothing, as knowing the fact that they look amazing into it. 

Hot western clothing

For fancy women:

When it comes to hot western clothing, women of all ages are very particular about it.  They always want to feel comfortable with it. Purchases are also made by males to present it to their lady love, to make them feel more special and specially to gear up their own personal moments. Now a day’s western wear has become the first option for women. As they always want to look amazing. Western culture is cultivating a grand affair with fashion style in India. Fashion is used to serve as an extension of one’s own true self. Thus, choices made in relation to new clothes are usually controlled by the current fashion look as defined with the current fashion statement. Most Indians express a great deal through their dresses, therefore, their quench for ultimate perfection is personified. 

Hot fashion:


A look of Hot western clothing


Due to development fashion gained much importance in the present society. Thus it is more commonly observed in the teenagers, who with a care free attitude and with an approach to dress up cool. The present fashion is more importantly seen in them. Looking into fashion with a close up will reveal that  being a more than a medium of self- expression it also becomes a medium for interaction amongst the three individuals namely the wearer, looker, and the designer of these western wears. Every year there are thousands of designs created by the designers, which become popular part of crowds dressing.  Western clothes have much different kind of dresses like from bridal gowns to short skirts, jeans and many more. Western wear always drives its unique apart. The inexhaustible hunger for western clothing is a never ending one. Thus, 21st century saw a hybrid growth of fashion and its influences in India.

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